1st July 2012 Theme: Final
10:30 – 10:35 Poem for the Day ­Stage
12:00 – 17:00 Tournaments "Big Ball" for children and adults under the slogan "Football Uniting" ­Pitch
17:00 – 18:00 Bus: Medical tests for HIV, STD, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis ­Miscellaneous
17:00 – 18:00 Closing Ceremony European Village ­Stage

Sustainable Economic Development

Destination Ukraine — Sustainable Economic Development, Trade and Investments


Ukraine was extremely hit by the economic crisis of 2008. It is challenged to reform its economic structure. A series of innovative measures are required, which should promote economic growth and improve regional competitiveness in the future oriented sectors.

While organizing the measures for «European Village», we have therefore a special focus on the new for Ukraine topics and on the prospective regional initiatives which aim at economic development.

What do Green Economy and Green Business in the current national conditions mean? And who is going to deal with them?
How to transform the industrial city in the Donezk region into touristic city and how to attract investment with the help of territorial branding?
How can enterprises and entrepreneurs on the regional level or on the city level cooperate as a cluster (agrarian and industrial sector, jewelry sector, touristic sector)? What kind of advantages does such cooperation have?
Which possibilities does an entrepreneur from a village or small city have to finance his own business?
Is it profitable to install the solar plants?
Is it common for Ukrainian people to consume seafood? Does such a consumer culture exist in Ukraine? What can Black Sea offer?
How to spend vocation in a «green tourism» farmstead?
How and where can we buy organic food and who does produce them?
How can a young Ukrainian manager get a professional retraining abroad?
Are there young scientists and innovators in Ukraine and what do they deal with?


We are going to present the following:
the process of development and implementation of the innovative tools, which stimulate development and growth of small and medium enterprises in Ukraine.


Oksana Khmelnytska
Economic development and employment promotion project
tel: +38 050 411 99 28
web: www.eep.org.ua

What to see in the European Village

We propose for your participation a number of activities, prepared both by domestic and international actors especially for the visitors of the European Village.

Our program includes:

15th of June, Friday

1st Day: focus on economic development
The following topics shall be presented in the framework of this theme:

  • Financing of small business
    GIZ rural finance project www.giz.de
  • Manager Training Programme
  • Green Economy
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine www.me.gov.ua
    Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry www.cci.donbass.com
    «Energy Efficiency Cluster» Sevastopol eep.org.ua/page/clusters_development/uk/
  • Local Economic Development
    Kramatorsk Jewelry cluster http://eep.org.ua/files/jewelry-cluster-renovation.pdf
    Municipalities of 5 pilot cities in Donetsk region (Artemovsk, Kramatorsk, Makeevka, Gorlovka, Krasniarmeysk)
  • Organic Food
    1st Agrarian cluster www.agrocluster1.com.ua
  • Young scientists and experts
    National Agency of Ukraine on Science, Innovations and Informatization dknii.gov.ua

16th of June, Saturday

2nd Day: focus on tourism and development:
New perspective types of tourism in Ukraine: green tourism, industrial tourism, conference-tourism, active/youth tourism.

  • Crimea as a touristic destination
    Ministry of Economy and Trade of AR Crimea www.minek-crimea.gov.ua
    Sevastopol Chamber of Commerce www.stpp.org.ua
    «Seafood Cluster» Sevastopol seafood-cluster.org
    «Conference tourism Cluster» Sevastopol turcluster.sevastopol.com
  • Chernivtsi as a touristic destination
    «Meridian Chernoviz» festival, Chernivtsi region www.meridiancz.com
    and other entertainments and presentations, designed by partners from Ukraine and abroad, such as European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine www.eubam.org
Sustainable Economic Development
Sustainable Economic Development
Sustainable Economic Development
Sustainable Economic Development